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6 Things You Need To Do While Moving Into New Apartment

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You found your place. It's your dream home. Or maybe it's a transitory stepping stone/shoe box before your dream home (hey we get it). Either way, this exciting time most definitely comes with a laundry list of "to-do's". Here's ours. 

1. Schedule a walkthrough.

This is uber important to make sure your deposit is in good shape after your lease ends. Even before your walkthrough, we recommend taking an hour to walk through every nook and cranny of the apartment to note any blemishes and skirmishes. That giant hole in the wall? Yeah that wasn't you. 

2. Set up your utilities before moving in.

We recommend calling the utility companies as soon as possible in order to get an appointment. It's not fun to have your first night in a new place hot water-less or AC-less (we know from experience). 

3. Replace your air filters.

It's a little known fact that most apartments will do this free-of-cost if you request. You just got a new place, you definitely deserve to breathe new air. 

4. Register a change of address with USPS.

Once you officially can start accepting mail at your new place, register a change of address with the post office. It's only $1.05 and will forward your incoming mail to your new address. 

5. Deep clean the apartment.

Hire a cleaner for a few hours, or get down in the trenches with a mop and bucket. The dust settles fast when an apartment is vacant, or think about all of the apartment tours that went on before you snatched it up.

6. Spray a pesticide.

We all heard of the nightmares — bed bugs, roaches, the works. To prevent a scary first night in your apartment, we recommend spraying a natural insecticide in all the corners of the apartment before or during move-in.

EVADE's Multi-Insect Killer and Bed Bug Killer are perfect for this. Tackle the majority of your home with our multi-insect. Then move to the bedroom and spray our Bed Bug Killer. Don't forget the curtains, bedding, and mattresses. And with EVADE, there are no smelly chemical sprays meaning you don't need to run away after spraying. 

7. Pour a glass and celebrate!

You've moved! Pour a bubbly, break out a cookie — you deserve it. 

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