EXO: Why We Got In The Business Of Bugs

EXO: Why We Got In The Business Of Bugs

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At EXO, we're turning the pesticide industry on its head, starting with home pest control.

The story started with our founder, Nandeet Mehta, who grew up in a small farming town a few hours outside of Los Angeles. Growing up in and around agriculture, he realized that the innovations in organic agriculture weren't translating to products we find on shelves. Meaning while we've been eating organic produce for decades and pampering our dogs with organic shampoo, when it comes to heavy duty homecare, the products we see are still stuck in the '60s.

Today, we're excited to be developing products that leverage emerging biomimetic technology with family & pet-safe, plant-powered ingredients. Our all-natural formulas are bottled in eco-aerosols that are sustainable, recyclable, and don't release harmful VOC's and instead are pressurized by air.

Even more, we're combatting the issues of chemical insecticidal resistance. Our products are third-party tested to work on 100+ species and be effective on chemically-resistant species while having no known resistance.

Ready to jump in on the EXO journey? Apply to join our private community and talk all things leggy. 

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