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How To DIY A Bug Collector For Your Vacuum

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Bugs are scary (we’re talking about you, 8-legged, 8-eyed creature). Sometimes we just can’t get the courage to capture or smash those little things. Next best option? Grab the vac.

When you’re dealing with only a handful of insects, we recommend sucking them up with your vacuum!

Now before you get too excited with your hose, be sure to prep the vacuum before sucking those buggers up, otherwise you’ll just be sending them to their new home. First things first, if you use a bagged vacuum, be sure to attach a disposable one that you can tie up and toss right after.

For those that have bagless vacuum, now’s the time to get crafty.

What You'll Need:

  • Knee high or full-length pantyhose
  • Rubberband
  • Scissors
  • Garbage bag 

To Make A Bug Collector:

  1. Grab a knee high stocking or cut a full-length pantyhose. Be sure to choose one’s that don’t have holes.
  2. Remove the attachments on your vacuum hose.
  3. While holding the open or cut end of the nylon, move the closed toed end of the stocking into the vacuum hose.
  4. Fold the cuffed open end of the nylon over the edges of the hose, like you would put a garbage bag over a trashcan. Secure using a rubber band.
  5. Reattach any vacuum attachments.
  6. Vacuum up any bugs, eggs, or residues.
  7. Remove the vacuum attachment, and quickly remove and tie up the nylon.
  8. Move the tied nylon into a secondary garbage bag, tie that up, and into the trash it goes. OR, for the braver individuals among us, release the bugs into the wild.

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