Ant & Roach Killer - EXO
Ant & Roach Killer - EXO
Ant & Roach Killer - EXO
Ant & Roach Killer - EXO
Ant & Roach Killer - EXO
Ant & Roach Killer

Ant & Roach Killer

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🌿 Plant-Powered | 🚚 Ships Next Day | 🌎 Eco-Packaging
Bundle & Save:1 Spray

Use the Ant & Roach Killer spray to make quick work of pesky insects anywhere in the house. Put a stop to the line of ants leading to that piece of candy you definitely told the kids to throw away yesterday.

  • Safe to use around children and pets when used as directed.
  • Direct spray formula with on-contact kill.
  • Eco-friendly aerosols pressurized by air, instead of harmful VOCs. Doing our part to save the o-zone ☺️
  • Made in the USA supporting American jobs.
  • 13.4 fl oz per bottle

DOES NOT contain imiprothrin, cypermethrin pyrethroids, butane, or propane.

Effective Against

Ants (Argentine, Pharaoh, Red Imported Fire), Beetles (Asian Lady, Black Carpet, Cigarette, Colorado Potato, Spotted Cucumber), Boxelder Bugs, Cockroaches (American, German, Oriental, Smokey Brown), Earwigs (European) + Other Bugs.


Distilled water, soap, glycerin, myristic acid, potassium oleate, potassium stearate, clove oil, cottonseed oil

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Neil Y.

We are a natural product household and have tried home remedy pest control with not much success. Raid and others are toxic, but EXO ingredients are natural and it even smells good.

Matt P.

I've tried other 'natural' roach killers and they always came back the next day. EXO seemed to do the trick and I have been roach free for over a week! If they do come back I know what to use.

Mark R.

Worked great! Love that it's natural and non-toxic to my dogs.

Chris S.

It did what I expected, it killed the bugs. Bonus that it is all natural.

Emma C.

I live in an older building and roaches are always a problem, so gross. I've tried traps, sprays and powders, but nothing seemed to work until I ordered EXO.