the bug spray you're not afraid of.

Bug spray, reinvented.

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Hey, we're EXO

We make it easier to keep our homes creepy-crawler-free with products that sustainable, non-smelly, and made with clean ingredients.

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Feared by bugs, not by humans.

Family & Pet-Safe

EXO has been formulated with plant-based botanical oils, effectively targeting the nervous system receptors active only in insects, not humans or pets.


The taboo about aerosols? Gone. EXO uses recyclable air-powered aerosols, meaning you get all the power of an aerosol spray, without the harmful VOC’s or the guilt.

No Residues, no bad smells.

Mom-tested to not leave oily residues or headache-inducing odors — EXO leaves nothing behind.

For the bug haters

For the entitled ants nabbing your secret snack stash.

The first bug killer that I actually like the smell of.

Alex P.

Not your parents' bug killer.

Our formulations are powered by plants, not toxic synthetics. Because we believe if you spray enough toxic chemicals on something, you're bound to kill it. Bring on the smarter way to spray.

✅ Clean ingredients

✅ No harsh chemicals

✅ Recyclable eco-aerosols

Ships next day

Keep us where you need us.

We don't believe in bug sprays that you need to store on high shelves and in locked cabinets.


Lab tests prove that EXO delivers results you'd expect from traditional pesticides — without the harmful chemicals.


Join the EXO family and we'll keep you updated on our bugs to look out for. Every month we pick one person to win a year's supply of EXO.